Telu Hospitality Consulting

Our Services:

  • Hospitality Skill Training
  • Consulting
  • Public Speaking (Motivational Inspirators)
  • Hospitality Service Audit (Mystery Guest)

The major in “Telu” Hospitality Consulting

  1. KPI (Key Performance Index) – We help you to review the existing KPI, to review and to prepare a new one refers to the Vision and Mission of the Company.
  • Customer Service Training Transformasi Digital for all different levels in the company. The goal of this training is a shifting in mindset entering the industrial revolution gen 4.0
  • Sales & Marketing in Digital Transformation
    • Sales & Marketing Action Plan
    • Preparing the Marketing Program in some product launching
    • Public Relations dan Marketing Communication Activities
    • Brand Activation/ Corporate Identity
  • Food & Beverage Concept including necessary training dan monitoring
  • SOP (Standard Operations Procedure) development. The job within the area of reviewing the SOP, revising, writing new ones. It must include role-plays on each visible task breakdowns.
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